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Renditions (Autumn 2011) No. 76: Yang Jiang Special Issue
作者 Author 
編輯 EditorGuest Editor: Christopher G. Rea
翻譯 Translator 
出版者PublisherResearch Centre for Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
出版日期 Date of PublicationNovember 2011
相關網址 Websitehttp://www.cuhk.edu.hk/rct/renditions/issues.html
聯絡人 Contactrenditions@cuhk.edu.hk
內容簡介 Short Description
In celebration of Yang Jiang's centenary year, this special issue presents a sampling of works from Yang's eight-decade-long career, including new translations of some of her best essays and short stories, as well as excerpts from her first play (Heart's Desire, 1943), her memoirs, and her most recent book, Arriving at the Margins of Life: Answering My Own Questions (2007). Born during the year of the Republican Revolution, Yang Jiang (1911– ) went on to distinguish herself as one of modern China's most accomplished and versatile scholar-writers. Best known for her understated yet often humorous prose style, Yang is also an accomplished playwright and novelist; a prodigious translator from French, Spanish, and English; and an influential memoirist and intellectual who has come to be regarded by many as a paragon of modern Chinese humanism. 

Table of contents
Editor's Page 5
‘To Thine Own Self Be True’: One Hundred Years of Yang Jiang
By Christopher G. Rea 
Heart’s Desire: Act I
Translated by Christopher G. Rea
What a Joke
Translated by Christopher G. Rea
On Qian Zhongshu and Fortress Besieged
Translated by Jesse Field
My Translations
Translated by Judith M. Amory and Yaohua Shi
We Three: Parts I and II
Translated by Jesse Field
Arriving at the Margins of Life: Answering My Own Questions: Excerpt
Translated by Jesse Field
Notes on Contributors135

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China and Its Others (Knowledge Transfer through Translation, 1829–2010)
作者 Author 
編輯 EditorEdited and with an Introduction by James St. André and Peng Hsiao-yen
翻譯 Translator 
出版日期 Date of Publication 
相關網址 Websitehttp://www.rodopi.nl/senj.asp?BookId=ATS+34
聯絡人 Contactinfo@rodopi.nl
內容簡介 Short Description
This volume brings together some of the latest research by scholars from the UK, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to examine a variety of issues relating to the history of translation between China and Europe, aimed at increasing dialogue between Chinese studies and translation studies. Covering the nineteenth century to the present, the essays tackle a number of important issues, including the role of relay translation, hybridity and transculturation, methods for the incorporation of foreign words and concepts, the problems entailed by the importation of foreign paradigms and epistemes, the role of public institutions, the issue of agency, and the role of metaphors to conceptualize translation. By examining the dissemination of certain key terms from the West to the East, often through pivotal languages, and by laying bare the transformation of knowledge conveyed through these terms, the essays go well beyond the “difference and similarity” comparison model in the investigation of East-West relations, demonstrating that transcultural hybridity is a more meaningful topic to pursue. Moreover, they demonstrate how the translator, always working simultaneously under several domestic and foreign institutions, needs to resort to “selection, deletion and compromise”, in other words personal free choice, when negotiating among institutional powers.

ISBN: 978-90-420-3431-0            Paper ?63,-/US$95,-
ISBN: 978-94-012-0719-5            E-Book ?63,-/US$95,-

Table of Contents
James St. André and Peng Hsiao-yen: Introduction: Setting the Terms
Translation from the Nineteenth Century to the fall of the Qing in 1911
James St. André: Exploring the Role of Pseudo-translation in the History of Translation: Marryat’s Pacha of Many Tales
Max K. W. Huang: The War of Neologisms: The Competition between the Newly Translated Terms Invented by Yan Fu and by the Japanese in the Late Qing 
Joyce C. H. Liu: The Translation of Ethics: The Problem of Wang Guowei
Republican China and the PRC to 1979
Peng Hsiao-yen: A Traveling Disease: The “Malady of the Heart,” Scientific Jargon, and Neo-Sensation 
Pei-Yin Lin: Translating the Other: On the Re-circulations of the TaleSayon‘s Bell
Elaine Yin-ling Ng: The Translator’s Style in Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea (1956)
Sasha Hsiang-yin Chen: The Origin of the Family, Public Property and the Communist State: Transmitting and Translating Kollontai in the Early Soviet Union and May Fourth China
Reflections upon the Translation of Contemporary Literary Texts
Yang Xiaobin: Transference as Narcissistic or Traumatic Experience: Contemporary Chinese Poets (Mis-)Translated from Their Western Predecessors
Cosima Bruno: Words by the Look: Issues in Translating Chinese Visual Poetry
Te-hsing Shan: Text, Context, and Dual Contextualization: Personal Reflections on a Thick Translation of Gulliver’s Travel 
Notes on Contributors

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Translating Dialects and Languages of Minorities: Challenges and Solutions
作者 Author 
編輯 EditorFederico M. Federici
翻譯 Translator 
出版者PublisherPeter Lang
出版日期 Date of Publication 
相關網址 Websitehttp://www.peterlang.com/index.cfm?vLang=D&vID=430178
聯絡人 Contact 
內容簡介 Short DescriptionThis book offers a range of analyses of the multiplicity of opinions and ideologies attached to rendering, in familiar or unfamiliar voices, languages known as non-standard varieties. The contributions include theoretical reflections, case studies and comparative studies that draw from the full spectrum of translation strategies adopted in rendering non-standard varieties and reflect the endless possibilities of language variation. The strength of the volume lies in the wide range of languages discussed, from Arabic to Turkish and from Italian to Catalan, as well as in its variety of complementary and contrastive methodologies. The contributions reveal the importance of exploring further issues in translating local voices. Discussing dialects and marginal voices in translation, the contributors encourage and challenge the reader to reflect on what is standard and non-standard, acceptable and unacceptable, thereby overturning accepted principles and challenging familiar practices.

Federico M. Federici: Introduction: Dialects, idiolects, sociolects: Translation problems or creative stimuli? – Hilal Erkazanci-Durmus: A critical sociolinguistic approach to translating marginal voices: The case of Turkish translations – Giovanni Nadiani: On the translation fallout of defeated languages: Translation and change of function of dialect in Romagna – Susanne Ghassempur: Fuckin’ Hell! Dublin soul goes German: A functional Approach To The Translation Of ‘Fuck’ In Roddy Doyle’s “The Commitments” – Xoàn Manuel Garrido Vilariño: The paratranslation of the works of Primo Levi – Esther Morillas: When dialect is a protagonist too: Erri de Luca’s “Montedidio” in Spanish – Caterina Briguglia: Comparing two polysystems: The cases of Spanish and Catalan versions of Andrea Camilleri’s “Il cane di terracotta” – Federico M. Federici: ‘Anche questa l’ho in quel posto’: Calvino translates Queneau’s popular language – Anna Fochi: The cultural issue in intersemiotic translation: The case of Francesco Rosi’s “Cronaca di una morte annunciate” (1987) – Marta Ortega Sáez: The publication of “Mrs Dalloway” in Catalonia: Is it possible to reconcile commercial interests and culture? – Anissa Daoudi: Translating e-Arabic: Challenges and issues.

Direct order: http://www.peterlang.com/index.cfm?vLang=D&vID=430178
Or you may send your order to:
PETER LANG AG, International Academic Publishers, Moosstrasse 1, P.O. Box 350, CH-2542 Pieterlen, Switzerland
Tel +41 (0)32 376 17 17; Fax +41 (0)32 376 17 27
e-mail: info@peterlang.com

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作者 Author 
編輯 Editor 
翻譯 Translator 
出版日期 Date of Publication2011年9月
相關網址 Website(可下載)
聯絡人 Contact 
內容簡介 Short Description第四卷 第二期
Volume 4 Number 2
Entire version

想像西方:論周瘦鵑的「偽翻譯」小說 / 潘少瑜
Imagining the West: Zhou Shoujuan’s Pseudotranslations / 
Shaw-Yu Pan

從語料庫統計的觀點分析美國之音新聞英文被動句中文譯文 / 洪千惠
Corpus-Based Analysis for English-Chinese Translation of Passives in VOA News / Chien-hui Hung

逐步口譯中的非語言訊息結構 / 楊承淑 笹岡敦子 詹成
Non-verbal Information Structure in Consecutive Interpreting / Cheng-shu Yang Atsuko Sasaoka Cheng Zhan

大學生翻譯學習型態與其翻譯能力之關係 / 廖柏森
The Relationship between College Students’ Translation Learning Styles and Translation Competence / Posen Liao

人工翻譯與機器翻譯加後編輯之比較 / 李家璿 廖柏森
A Comparative Study of Human Translation and Machine Translation with Post-editing / Jason Lee Posen Liao


追本溯源——一個進行中的翻譯書目計畫 / 賴慈芸 張思婷
19th Century British and American Novels in Chinese Translation: A Bibliography / Tzu-yun Lai Szu-ting Chang

臺灣翻譯發展相關議題之探討 / 林慶隆 劉欣宜 吳培若 丁彥平
Related Issues in Taiwan’s Translation Development / Ching-lung Lin Hsin-yi Liu Pei-jo Wu Yen-ping Ting 181-200


2011 年蒙特瑞論壇與會報告 / 范家銘
Report on the Third Monterey Forum, 2011 / Damien Fan

社區口譯——臺灣口譯研究新領域 / 陳子瑋
Community Interpreting: A New Area of Interpreting Studies in Taiwan / Tze-wei Chen

打開臺灣文學的世界視窗:中華民國筆會 / 梁欣榮 項人慧
The Taipei Chinese PEN: A Window to the World for Literary Taiwan /Yanwing Leung Sarah Jen-hui Hsiang

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作者 Author 
編輯 Editor包智光
翻譯 Translator 
出版日期 Date of Publication 
相關網址 Website(可下載)
聯絡人 Contact 
內容簡介 Short Description本學報包括九篇關於“聖經中文翻譯”的論文。作者們都特別關注前輩所遺留下來的譯本。此“承前啟後”的研究方法是所有基督宗教神學家所能共享的,以便準備更好的未來。本書所蘊含的各種見解、原始資料、完整探究,等,都可以為將來的中文聖經翻譯學家提供一系列珍貴的分析、建議和反省。

1. 作者簡介
2. 主編之序
3. 天主教中文聖經翻譯的歷史和版本
4. 探究天主教與東正教新約聖經譯本中成語的使用
5. 新約譯名之信、達、雅
6. 從經典到通俗:《天主降生言行紀畧》及其清代改編本的流變
7. 從“白、徐譯本”到“二馬譯本”——簡論白、徐《新約》譯本的緣起、流傳及影響
8. 王佐才神父:一位傳教士、翻譯家兼詩人在納玻里的經歷
9. 王佐才之拉丁文“雙句韵文”及中文“七言詩體”的新、舊約縮譯
10. 吳經熊譯經中頌歌之特色
11. “妙而難名者”之中文譯名

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Translation in Asia — Theories, Practices, Histories
作者 Author 
編輯 EditorRicci, Ronit, Van der Putten, Jan
翻譯 Translator 
出版者PublisherSt Jerome Publishing Ltd.
出版日期 Date of Publication 
相關網址 Websitehttps://www.stjerome.co.uk/books/b/152/
聯絡人 Contact 
內容簡介 Short DescriptionThe field of translation studies was largely formed on the basis of modern Western notions of monolingual nations with print-literate societies and monochrome cultures. A significant number of societies in Asia – and their translation traditions – have diverged markedly from this model. With their often multilingual populations, and maintaining a highly oral orientation in the transmission of cultural knowledge, many Asian societies have sustained alternative notions of what ‘text’, ‘original’ and ‘translation’ may mean and have often emphasized ‘performance’ and ‘change’ rather than simple ‘copying’  or ‘transference’.

The contributions in Translation in Asia present exciting new windows into South and Southeast Asian translation traditions and their vast array of shared, inter-connected and overlapping ideas about, and practices of translation, transmitted between these two regions over centuries of contact and exchange. Drawing on translation traditions  rarely acknowledged within translation studies debates, including Tagalog, Tamil, Kannada, Malay, Hindi, Javanese, Telugu and Malayalam, the essays in this volume engage with myriad interactions of translation and religion, colonialism, and performance, and  provide insight into alternative conceptualizations of translation across periods and locales. The understanding gained from these diverse perspectives will contribute to, complicate and expand the conversations unfolding in an emerging ‘international translation studies’.

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Translation and Opposition. Bristol: Multilingual Matters
作者 Author 
編輯 EditorDimitris Asimakoulas and Margaret Rogers
翻譯 Translator 
出版日期 Date of Publication 
相關網址 Website 
聯絡人 ContactDimitris Asimakoulas at D.Asimakoulas@surrey.ac.uk
內容簡介 Short DescriptionContemporary models in Translation Studies have relatively recently problematized various myths relating to translation activity, such as the view of translation as an impersonal, mechanical act of linguistic transfer or as an altruistic move of building bridges between as well as within cultures. This volume sees translation through the prism of linguistic/cultural hybridity and inter/intra-social agency, bringing together cultural and sociological perspectives. In a collection of diverse case studies, ranging from the translation of political texts to interpreting in concentration camps, the book explores issues of power struggle, ideology, censorship and identity construction. The contributors to the volume show how translators, interpreters and subtitlers as mediators put their specific professional and ethical competences to the test by treading the dividing lines between constellations of ‘in-groups’ and cultural or political ‘others’.
Contributors include Zhao Wenjing, Sehnaz Tahir Gürçaglar, Gonda Van Steen, Brian James Baer, Eirlys E. Davies, David Kinloch, Saliha Paker, Michela Baldo, Carol O’Sullivan, Christina Delistathi, Malgorzata Tryuk, Ibon Uribarri Zenekorta, José Santaemilia, Tomislav Z. Longinovic, Chris Rundle, and Camino Gutiérrez Lanza.

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New journal: tranlation
作者 AuthorSt. Jerome in Manchester, Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura in Rome,
The Nida School for Translation Studies/Fondazione San Pellegrino
編輯 Editor 
翻譯 Translator 
出版日期 Date of Publication 
相關網址 Websitehttp://translation.fusp.it
聯絡人 ContactJames Maxey, Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship
JMaxey@americanbible.org; Tel: (917) 207-1443
內容簡介 Short DescriptionRecent developments in our contemporary world (globalization, interculturalism, global and transcultural communication through the web) are challenging every traditional concept of translation. It is time to go beyond the traditional borders of the discipline, and even beyond interdisciplinary studies, and inaugurate a transdisciplinary research field with translation as an interpretive as well as operative tool.

Today, translation has to be considered as a transformative representation of, in, and among cultures. Translation is poised to become a powerful epistemological instrument for reading and assessing cultural exchange.

We imagine a new era that could be termed Post-Translation Studies, an era of fundamental transdisciplinarity.

translation invites new thinking about what translation is today, about where translation occurs, and about how we can find new words to speak about translation. We wish to establish a dialogue with any area of research in which translation is implicitly or explicitly occupying a conceptual position – whether central or marginal.

* A FREE copy of the inaugural issue can be requested from St. Jerome Publishing at: ken@stjeromepublishing.com
* A CALL FOR PAPERS is made to be considered for upcoming issues of the journal
* A journal WEBSITE is being created - http://translation.fusp.it – that will soon be activated
* FUTURE ISSUES interrogate the place of translation in relation to memory, space, cinema, and community

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